Why You Should Optimize Your Delivery Routes

Why You Should Optimize Your Delivery Routes

Posted on: December 16, 2019 Posted by: bMobile Route Software

For this post we’d like to discuss Route Optimization and how it can benefit your business by increasing driver efficiency, decreasing operating costs, and help you conduct more business during the work day.

To help determine if you need to optimize your routes, we recommend asking yourself three questions.

  • How often are you required to reorder your stops and how much time does that take you?
  • How many of your customers have specific time windows that your drivers have to meet?
  • How often do your drivers have to fulfill “hot shots?”

Let’s quickly define what a “hot shot” is. A driver may have ten pre-determined scheduled stops for the day and has already completed the first two. A customer that is not scheduled for the day calls with a last-minute order that needs to be delivered today. The driver must somehow efficiently and accurately fit that hot shot into their routes for the remainder of the day. bMobile recognizes this efficiency gap and offers the driver the ability to re-optimize the route directly from their device in the field! Our software quickly re-optimizes the route while accounting for current driver location and the location of the newly added customer – and ensure the driver completes their route in the most efficient way possible.

Moving into the second question of how many of your customers have specific delivery time windows that your drivers must meet? Referring back to our example of having ten stops to complete – there may be a customer that is located conveniently to your driver and as such, would make sense to visit earlier in the day; however, their delivery window isn’t until much later. The driver would need to take this into account as they complete their stops for the day. Using bMobile Route Software’s Route Optimization Tool, you have the ability to optimize this route for your driver directly from the office! Our software will consider the driver’s current latitude and longitude coordinates and will fit each customer into the route sequence accordingly. This will not only increase driver efficiency but will also increase customer satisfaction.

Lastly, how often are you required to reorder your stops for your drivers and how long does this take you? With bMobile Route Software, not only do you have the ability to optimize all of your routes from the office, but it is done quickly inside of one program! Gone are the days of exporting customer delivery data into a separate program and syncing that program with your current software. Any time you need to rearrange your stops, simply select the Route Optimization tool in bMobile and let our software do the work for you!

bMobile’s Route Optimization tool helps you save time, money and increases driver efficiency! Call or email us today to get started! (888) 900-5667

Watch our Route Optimization video: Click here to watch now!


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