Plan Routes

Plan Routes

  • Generate a multi-stop routing plan for every territory to deliver more orders.
  • Create the most viable route by taking into key factors like customer location, preferred delivery window, and the type of vehicle in use.
  • Plan for multiple routes and multiple drivers.
  • Input the address manually or upload the address details.
Route Progress

Track Route Progress

  • A single real-time window to track vehicle location, route progress, missed stops, and more.
  • Get instant route updates from the drivers or track the vehicle through GPS to improve operational efficiency.
  • Keep customers informed about the delivery time by triggering automatic ETA alerts.
  • Archive routes and have drivers refer to them for regular routes.
Improved ROI

Improved ROI

  • Gain insights by comparing the planned vs. Actual Performance route-wise and dive deep into the individual route histories to improve the route performance.
  • Keep optimizing routes in regular intervals depending on the traffic scenarios and other factors to increase the vehicle utilization time.
  • Confidently save a considerable amount of time on route planning every week.

Is the routing of deliveries in a mess?

With bMobile's route planning, you minimize driving time, achieve on-time deliveries, and deliver more quickly.

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