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Accounting Integration

With the simple click of a button, bMobile eliminates the manual processing of invoice data. Save time, money and have 100% accuracy of orders and inventory control while keeping your field representative honest.

bMobile is the certified solution for many distributors who use QuickBooks as well as several other popular ERP systems. The result of tight integration with ERP provides updated inventory SKUs, customer data, and balances that get pulled effortlessly from QuickBooks. With this, your field reps have what they need to grow their routes.


Think of all the ways your company takes orders. Email? Phone? Fax? Drop Ins and Call Ins? bMobile will help you process orders using all these methods, but also will teach your customers how they can serve themselves with online ordering, e-commerce, and EDI integrations. Stay proactive. Digital convenience is something today's customers expect. 

bMobile provides your customers with an e-commerce portal giving them a straightforward purchasing path to the goods you provide. We also arm your drivers with the ability to place transactions or orders on the fly using mobile devices. These additions increase sales by a minimum of 10%, give your company a new revenue stream, and empower your customers to buy more product. You'll also reduce unproductive time taking phone calls, faxes, and emails for manually hand-written orders and customer order time.

Do your prices fluctuate? With Dynamic Pricing you’ll be able to schedule your product’s pricing well in advance.
Either way, you’re not waiting on customers to place orders, they’re looking forward to your next delivery.

Plan: Optimize

See a 40% cost reduction from route/fleet optimization efficiencies, fuel time, and wear and tear on assets. Improve customer happiness with on-time deliveries and adherence to time windows.

With Route Optimization, instantly prioritize all delivery stops relative to distance, efficiency and delivery time windows.

bMobile takes the needs of customers into account when running the algorithm for optimization, such as address verification, latitude and longitude update, a time window for delivery, start and end points, and additional stops.

Sending out multiple trucks on multiple routes each day? Use Fleet Optimization to organize all your stops into the most efficient set of routes possible.

Track Truck Inventory

bMobile keeps a clear audit of all the inventory you move from warehouse-to-truck, truck-to-truck, truck-to-store, and truck-to-warehouse. This is a function of what orders you currently have in the system and the stops you have scheduled that day. Whether your routes change daily or stay pretty much the same, we’ll help you guarantee that truck inventory can be automated based on orders to be delivered, truck guides, or driver requests. The inventory in your truck is the inventory that’s been ordered and what was actually delivered on a customer order.

Warehouse management has never been easier. Pick, pack, and ship for each customer, route, or truck, and verify that you have picked the correct items and quantities for each day. This works with both scanning devices and manual lookup. Your inventory will be accounted for from warehouse-to-truck.

Mobile Invoicing: Payments

Presales, quotes, invoicing, consignment, and Payments. Collect signatures and provide your customers with branded receipts reflecting the items you just delivered – all in the field. Any Android tablet or phone will do. We also have barcode scanning equipment available, so you can enter inventory data with the push of a button. 

If you make consignment deliveries our system is also designed to record and apply credits back to the retailer if need be.

Settle Routes

Keep your drivers honest and accountable for the inventory they deliver and the payments they receive. As you round off your delivery day our system will take all the driver’s information and show you all data in an end-of-day statement report. Once you have reviewed all invoices and credits, you sync to QuickBooks and have all customer and inventory records updated. Balances are correct and inventory levels are accounted for.

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Save money. Save time. Grow your business.
Don’t see your system listed? Surprise Us! bMobile is designed to be compatible with nearly any accounting or ERP system. Reach out to one of our representatives today to find out how bMobile can help save your company time and money now.
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Distribution Industries


  • “Their software has improved productivity at almost every level in sales and inventory control and has practically eliminated human error in ordering.”

    Adam Fine

    President of Fresh Beer Inc.

  • "Since we have implemented this software, each of our 8 drivers/sales representatives have saved at least 2 hours per day on the road...Along with saving significant time on the road, it has also decreased at least 10 hours per week of office work...Mobile product guide and pre-sale option has effectively maximized our product sales at each store on the route."

    Lemate Distribution

  • "I saw how inefficient we were in the billing department, and how difficult it was for the drivers to remember the different prices for each is now impossible for my drivers to charge a wrong price and I no longer have to enter invoices into the computer."

    Glacier Ice San Francisco

  • "I used to spend 5 days running rental to bill my customers for rental equipment, and now I can run it at the click of a button...This has greatly reduced the chance of human error and in turn, has increased our revenues because I am no longer making mistakes!"

    It's A Gas, Upland CA

  • “We have recently converted several of our drivers to the Android version of bMobile route software and we LOVE it! The tablets work so well that we purchased several more to enable our sales staff to have customer information and purchase history at their fingertips!”

    Blue Sky Industries

  • “This has been the best buy for me in my business. Before bMobile, I would do my route all in paper then come home and enter into QuickBooks. This meant that I doubled my workload, doing my route two times a day. Who has that much time? bMobile’s support team has helped me many times and they are AMAZING.”

    Got Pizza

  • “bMobile has enhanced the real time management of our warehouse, drivers, trucks, and support personnel.”

    Peak Distributing Co, Inc.