bMobile Order Taking

Knowing every other detail about a customer and a real-time availability picture of products are the most critical things field sales team would look forward to. Our mobile order taking app is an all-in-one tool that transforms the way sales reps work on field by throwing up details like customer purchase history, product availability, payment details and a lot more.

Truck drivers can take reorders from customers while delivering the shipment and accept payments instantaneously.

mobile order taking app

bMobile Mobile Order Taking

Up-to-date Catalogue

Up-to-date Catalogue

Build a digital catalog for the products you want to attract orders. All you need to do is add products and related information, assign the available inventory, and configure the price lists. Your field sales team and drivers can source orders on the go!

Location Tracking

Location Tracking

Track where your field sales team and drivers are using the GPS technology available in the application. Accordingly, prioritize the orders and schedule the next batch of orders for dispatch.

Receive Payments

Record/Receive Payments

Receive payments through cash, check or credit card modes and issue receipts instantly. Identify your customer's open invoices and other pending payments in a single click.

Scan Barcodes

Scan Barcodes

Have your field sales personnel scan the barcode on the product to know more about them. They can cross-verify the price listed on the product packaging against the ones listed in the catalog.

Digital Signatures

Capture Digital Signatures

Drivers and field sales teams can capture their customers' digital signatures as proof after delivering the product or as an acknowledgment of receiving the receipt for payment. These receipts are stored for record-keeping and can be retrieved anytime.

Accounting Integration

Accounting Integration

The application can be integrated with any accounting software. Once connected, the data gets synced with the accounting tool in no time.


Field sales personnel need not indulge in back-and-forth communication with their team at the base to check the inventory position, send orders, etc. These bottlenecks become a thing of the past with bMobile's mobile order taking application. The field sales team can get their task done right from where they are based—accept orders and payments, collect signatures, and issue receipts.

bMobile's mobile order taking application streamlines the everyday activities of the field sales team and contributes to overall daily revenue. This mobility-rich application help teams concentrate on locations where the demographics are naïve to digital buying.

The data streamed in the application is updated on a real-time basis. Be it in the inventory position, current sales figure, or the number of orders—everything is up-to-the-minute.