bMobile’s add-on services deliver value add to various stages of the distribution process in the value chain. They mainly focus on providing critical insights to distributors on store analytics, an easy-to-configure platform to run sales and an application to accept payments and manage inventory in a retail store.

Configure an easy-to-setup e-commerce portal and deliver an exceptional buying experience to wholesale buyers. Add catalogs, pricing, inventory, and promotions in simple steps. An intuitive order management system will help you process orders smoothly and give complete visibility over the orders. Read More

Distributors require clear real-time visibility on sales and demand position in their network units. If not, things would be chaotic and directionless. bMobile’s DSD analytics has answers to all these. Up-to-the-minute data on sales performance across all retailer units, on-demand inventory, periodical sales comparison figures, and many more insights to make DSD operations effective. Read More

An advanced POS application to manage sales, engage customers, and run your store efficiently. From accepting multiple payment modes, configuring tax rates, setting up inventories, and tracking sales, bMobile’s POS software has it all. Read More