Office Apps

bMobile's office suite of apps is designed to automate the processes in day-to-day business operations,
allowing employees to focus on the core tasks.

A modern HR management system designed to handle all HR functions and to centralize all employee information. HR managers can do the onboarding and offboarding effortlessly through automated workflows. Read More

A well-connected CRM to manage the sales process, segment & track leads, and collaborate with teams on prospects and deals. ArcCRM has a built-in dialer that makes prospect/lead calling easier. Read More

A comprehensive time tracking system to manage end-to-end employee time management and scheduling. ArcTime allows users to set up multiple time off policies and has a systematic process for time off requests and approvals. Read More

A reliable e-signature solution to fast-track deal closures and other transactions with digital authorization. With ArcSign, one can set the sequence in which signatories must sign the document. Read More

An analytics tool that gives businesses actionable insights to be data-driven make long-term predictions, and forecast future trends. It comes with an intuitive interface with real-time insights on business KPIs. Read More