Easy Scheduling

Easy Scheduling

  • Drag-and-drop calendar feature to schedule the dispatchment. Identify the expected dispatches for a day or week and plan the upcoming dispatches.
  • Get scheduling recommendations based on vehicle & driver availability, location, product, and other attributes.
  • Sort the schedule list by location, vehicle, product, and more.
  • Block a schedule by entering the customer's address and contact information.
Schedule Management

At-a-glance Schedule Management

  • Intuitive schedule interface to manage the schedules effortlessly.
  • Historical record of schedules and customer information.
  • One view to see the open dispatches, and schedules mapped against a vehicle/driver—no chaos in scheduling.
  • Automatic notification once a dispatch is scheduled.
Schedule Notification

Universal Schedule Notification

  • Notify the drivers on the field by sending the work order instantly.
  • Stakeholders of the dispatch team will find schedules assigned against them at the start of the day.
  • Automate the schedules for repeat customers after identifying their order patterns, viz., how often they order, the products they order, etc.

Hassle-free scheduling few clicks.

Improve the end customer experience by streamlining the dispatch scheduling process. Get quick insights on the orders for which dispatch is long-pending and the orders for which dispatch is scheduled.

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Hassle-free scheduling few clicks

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