Workflow Builder

Workflow Builder

  • Build workflows using drag and drop workflow elements and add business rules wherever applicable.
  • Use pre-designed process templates to automate different processes. Customize them to suit your requirement.
  • Identify the actual working of a process through flowcharts—this makes the workflow building less complex.
  • Instant email notification whenever a message lands in your workflow inbox.
Business Rules

Business Rules

  • Set custom rules to enable a clutter-free flow of workflows from one stage to another.
  • Configure rules with multiple conditions to match the business need.
  • Link multiple departments and their associated process with a set of rules.
SLAs & Escalations

SLAs & Escalations

  • Set job-specific SLA and tasks and assign them in the respective workflow.
  • Automatic reminders to employees well before the deadline and when the deadline is missed.
  • Stakeholders are kept in the loop on goals not met or overdue tasks, enabling them to be well prepared to manage exceptions.

Track the end-to-end processes

bMobile's workflow is a customizable application that replaces the old paper-based manual process with digitized workflows through clear-cut business rules and SLAs.

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