Please complete the following information to request a Support Ticket.

You may also upload an error report or upload a screenshot. A Technical Support Representative will respond as soon as possible. Response times to Support Tickets will vary and all requests are handled in the order received.

You may also call our office with a Support Ticket Request: (208) 331-5667 or toll-free 1+ (888) 900-5667. Phone call requests are not given priority over Web Generated Service Tickets.

Please note the changes to the bMobile technical support policy, effective December 1st, 2018!!

All Support calls are billed at a minimum of 15 minutes and then in 15 minute increments. The total recorded time for a support case includes the time it takes for the support staff to manage the support case, including research, emails, and any attempts at scheduling appointments and leaving messages. Any dispute on billing can be reviewed at the customer request up to 90 days back. We will not review billings older than 90 days.

Finally, when calling for support during the regular business day, which runs 8am MST to 5pm MST, you can either call 1-888-900-5667 or email and be prepared to give your company name, your name, a call back phone number and a brief description of the issue. Please be as detailed as possible as this assists us in determining the best support rep to assign to the case and to quickly diagnose the problem.

If this is an emergency and after normal business hours, please read below!

There is no afterhours support available for the Basic Sales or bMobile Sales customers. This is only offered to Route customers only!

Support emails are NOT monitored during the afterhours time frame. Only calls placed to the afterhours phone/voicemail are expected to be returned. This period of time is defined as 5pm to 8am weekdays and during the weekend hours. Published company holidays are currently excluded from support.

ALL afterhours calls are billable to the customer regardless of any current support contract. Afterhours charges apply to customers at $300 per hour at our afterhours rate (the minimum time for an afterhours call is 1 hour.)

An afterhours emergency is defined as an event that is preventing the customer from doing the essential tasks of the system relating to running routes. This is defined as the ability to do a Start of Day on the devices, do an End of Day on the devices, and be able to access the desktop. Issues that would be excluded from Afterhours Support would be things like pricing problems, reports and data questions, or anything that does not prevent the customer from completing their field activities.

An on-call technician is responsible for the ‘first response’ call and is charged with taking the ‘afterhours phone’ – The technician is expected to either answer the call or call back within 30 min. Connectivity to the customer is promised as 1 hour from the first contact. A fix to the customer issue may take up to the next business day if it cannot be completed during the afterhours call. This is defined as a fix requiring help from the development staff (i.e., a flaw in the software that is outside the scope of technical support’s ability to resolve with the standard tools.)