Quickbook Integration

bMobile Route Software

bMobile Route Software was the FIRST DSD Solution to integrate with QuickBooks Software

We have over 20 years in the software business and we were the FIRST route management solution to integrate with QuickBooks Software! bMobile Route is compatible with the United States and Canadian versions of QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online - including Pro, Premiere, Enterprise & Accountant.

Whether you need a standard QuickBooks integration, an add-on, or a full Order Management System complete with Online Ordering, Route Optimization, and Custom-Programmed Integration Solutions - our Implementation Consultants can get you up and running in less time than you might think!

  • Sync ERP data to bMobile - including products, orders and customers
  • Review orders in batches and select data at "end of day" to sync and easily generate reports
  • Route Information, Orders, and Customers are stored in bMobile - finalized data is sent back to the ERP
  • Save time and ensure accuracy by integrating your route & ERP Solutions

Our integrations with Sage, Peachtree, Netsuite, Sysproand Cougar Mountain