Dispatch Operations

Streamlined Dispatch Operations

  • Auto-assign deliveries to the correct driver on the same route to save service time and labor costs.
  • Make accurate predictions on arrival times and share the ETAs with the customer.
  • Strengthen your delivery operations with advanced route optimization and real-time fleet tracking.
  • Use the search and filter option to find the drivers, delivery tasks, or customers by keying in any text related to delivery or time.
Last mile fulfillment

Last mile fulfillment

  • Field service team can get the proof of delivery captured through e-signatures, product photos, and barcodes. The operations team can verify the same to validate every delivery.
  • End-to-end delivery updates—start time, expected time calculated en route, and delivery arrival time.
  • Allow customers to call or message the driver with a single click.
  • Live tracking of driver location.

Metrics & Insights

  • Identify the data on on-time rates, distance traveled, service time, feedback quality, and much more.
  • Generate comprehensive reports on cost per delivery, driver cost, and vehicle cost incurred for a batch of delivery.
  • Data on unfulfilled deliveries, drivers who failed to make the deliveries on time, and deliveries delayed due to route mismatch or other reasons.

Automate your routes based on real-time delivery demands

Have complete visibility over your delivery operation and manage unexpected demand surges by re-arranging routes, and vehicles.

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