Fleet Management Software

An advanced fleet management system to optimize fleet usage, decentralize the fleet asset data and provide a single truth source for fleet managers and vehicle owners.

bMobile Fleet Management

It's a known fact that fleet managers are not in the know about how many of their vehicles are typically in use. The other bottleneck they encounter is the inability to track the vehicle location in real-time, leading to poor planning and uneven work distribution, ultimately impacting their operative margins.

bMobile's fleet management software assists fleet managers in systematically planning the fleets' schedule with the instant availability of vehicles' real-time information on their movement. For vehicle owners, this fleet management tool is a storehouse of information on everything about their vehicles.

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bMobile Fleet Management Features

Centralized Fleet Data

Centralized Fleet Data

A single place to store all asset information for easy retrieval—license & registration documents, warranty details, loan agreements, driver details, etc.

Timely Maintanence Alerts

Timely Maintanence Alerts

Alerts to vehicle owners on renewals due soon, service reminders, and notifications on inspections. Also, record the service history of vehicles by uploading documents and photos.

Optimal Asset Utilization

Optimal Asset Utilization

Put your assets to optimal use. Easily track the underutilized assets and schedule assignments to drivers by monitoring their availability and vehicle utilization in real time.

Real-time Visibility

Real-time Visibility of Fleet

Track the fleet vehicles—driver & vehicle location—in real-time to optimize the operations, significantly improving the dispatch and routing.


Simplified Scheduling

An easy-to-use calendar to make the scheduling easier. Get a quick view of the assignments issued to drivers by different stakeholders, the destination to serve, and where the vehicle is currently.

Data Insights

Data Insights

Intuitive reports capture the day-wise utilization metrics of vehicles, cost per mile/km of a vehicle, driver cost per trip, etc.


Get a 360-degree view of day-to-day fleet operations, and identify the areas where you can control costs, improve utilization rate and streamline the fleet planning process.

Have all vehicles in the fleet up and running optimally by ensuring systematic allocation of job requests and intelligent scheduling. Increased idle times make the engine weary and defect-prone. With bMobile's fleet management, it will be lesser idle time and minimal maintenance cost.

Do fleet management on a single screen, from tracking all your scattered fleets in real-time to identifying the on-the-road obstacles they face. Gain complete visibility on the end-to-end fleet operations and generate massive amounts of data for informed decision-making.