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Sales Trends

Sales Trends

  • Sales data captured from field sales reps are represented through high-quality data visualization for easy understanding.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your sales operation by analyzing the inventory utilized, commission paid to the sales personnel, and making period-to-period sales comparisons.
  • Create pivots for sales datasets segmented by different groups—reps, categories, and regions.
Consumer Trends

Consumer Trends & Behavior

  • Find out the hidden pattern in consumer behavior by spotting the item frequently refilled by retailers.
  • Gain granular visibility into your field sales and delivery operations.
  • Industry-leading KPIs and dashboards to spot consumer trend and to stay competitive.


  • Customizable and prebuilt reports to gain insights on sales operation.
  • Drill-down capabilities to allow users to disseminate summary-level data and quickly switch to granular-level data.
  • Easy-to read charts that give a glimpse of field sales operation on various parameters.

Dashboards and real-time insights.

Streamline your delivery operations by gaining actionable insights from visual reports, charts, business-critical information, and KPI configured dashboards.

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