Distribution Partner Management-Simplified

bMobile's Distributor Dashboard lets you easily manage your 3rd party distributors' orders, deliveries, invoices, products & more- in one place.

bMobile Distribution Partner Management

Do you work with multiple distribution companies to get your product to customers' doors?

Well, we work with distributors day in and day out, and we know how it works. Things can get complicated with managing orders, routes, invoicing, inventory, and more. And if you're working with multiple distributors- the problem is magnified exponentially.

That's why we created the Distributor Dashboard- to help manufacturers manage all the detail that comes along with working with multiple distribution companies.

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With the Distributor Dashboard, you gain automatic visibility into the following:

No more operating blind or having to chase your distributors for data.

The Distributor Dashboard gives you visibility and control, enabling you to make powerful business decisions to help your company be positioned for success.


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