Business Dashboards

Business Dashboards

  • Customize dashboards using key business metrics and add of your choice.
  • Download the dashboard data in PDF format as an image
  • Group the dashboards specific to team needs and configure the access rights.
  • Drag and drop or rearrange the widgets to the dashboard page and connect it to a data source.
Data Visualization

Data Visualization

  • Easy-to-build visualizations using a library of chart types and other components.
  • Add filters to different attributes of your data to quickly find answers to the pressing business questions
  • Color-coded visualizations to drill down on key business metrics (for example- sales figures, top-selling products, etc.) and to give a birds-eye view of overall operations.
Data Builder

Data Builder

  • Pool the data from different business functions, viz. from sales, marketing, finance, etc., and make them analysis-ready.
  • Define the dimension or measure for each data set and add filters to drill down the data further. Connecting to the right set becomes easier.
  • Use the quick information menu on the dashboard to identify the last updated data source

Act confidently with actionable data

Real-time dashboards and consistent data help teams to explore insights and deliver differentiated offerings for various customer groups.

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