• Communicate and share data with sales, marketing, and customer service team from a single platform.
  • Clear-cut information on leads and prospects is available at every sales cycle stage.
  • Single unified database to manage customer information
  • Access customer data and history to build a personalized customer experience.

Lead Management

  • Take complete control of lead management by closely tracking and following leads at every stage.
  • Engage with leads via a targeted campaign to build a quality lead pipeline.
  • Centralize and track all the communication established with leads through multiple modes.
  • Segregate leads and build custom campaigns.


  • Generate invoices within the CRM application by establishing integration with ArcBill.
  • Identify absentees and schedule shifts for your sales, customer, and service teams within the CRM application by integrating it with ArcHRM.
  • Allow your sales team to phone call leads/customers from the application by integrating it with ArcDialer.

Understand every customer's needs. Craft a tailor-made campaign. Keep winning customers.

ArcCRM is a platform to manage the customer lifecycle, identify sales opportunities effectively, and gives scaling teams actionable insights to deliver a personalized experience.

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