Employee Management

  • All-in-one HR platform to store and organize employees' data.
  • One-stop shop to access all employee-related records like reporting manager, applicable benefits, and much more.
  • Set up user-defined roles to access employee records—who can access, view, and edit information.
  • HR personnel can easily align the organizational and employee goals.

Onboarding & Offboarding

  • An onboarding process that is personalized for different job roles.
  • Have all the mandatory forms and documents e-signed right on day one. No more waiting.
  • Execute the offboarding process— from start to finish—through customized workflows.
  • A compliant-driven offboarding process that gives critical insights into the company, the job role, etc.

Shift Settings & Case Management

  • Configure shifts, assign workweek and work hours, and add employees to automate the scheduling process
  • Make your shift scheduling more precise by considering employee availability and absences.
  • Standardized employee case management to address employee issues.
  • HR managers can create fresh cases, monitor the progress, and track their outcomes through a logical and structured workflow.

User-focussed dashboard for HR administrators, managers and employees to track real-time metrics.

ArcHRM is a comprehensive and customizable HR tool to streamline the onboarding process and benefits management and gives simplified access for employees to their records.

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Human Resources Management System

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