What We Offer

Every business generates tons of data whenever it is operational. The struggle lies in wading through those information, structuring and interpreting them. Innospire’s data science services is designed to assist businesses exploit the benefits of data to its fullest, evolve the highly complex data-rich problems, and create a culture of data-based decision-making in the organization.

Companies can turbo charge their demand, get niche insights on purchase behavior, spot the trend in vogue, and optimize their sales processes through data science. With Innospire’s data science service, the otherwise overlooked data is processed through custom-data algorithms, and run through various processes for meaningful interpretation.


bMobile Order Management Features


Visibility of Inventory

A one-point visibility on the inventory status—items in stock, those in transit and at-the-moment demand levels. Know when to replenish the stocks. Supply-demand matching done right!

Order Fulfillment

Effortless Order Fulfillment

Once an order is confirmed, an invoice is generated, and warehouse incharge is notified who eventually confirms the shipping details. Now begins the fulfillment —pack and ship.

Order Information

Detailed Order Information

Get holistic and custom views on order details, customer information, and invoice. Add and view notes against an order if needed.

Route-wise Orders

Route-wise Orders

Match delivery commitments efficiently by mapping the order to the delivery resource designated for that particular route. No time wasted!

Order Lifecycle

End-to-End Order Lifecycle

Have complete over the end-to-end order lifecycle—from order capture to order release, and from shipment confirmation to payment settlement.

Generate Insights

Generate Insights

Easily identify the item that attracted the maximum number of orders and those that were most profitable. Use this data to organize the inventory for future.


Save big on shipping costs and decrease the transit times by routing orders to the designated shipping resource assigned for a route. If that's not the case, you can ship them to the nearest geographical location.

By having complete visibility over the real-time inventory position, the business can easily meet its peak-period demand, never lose sales, and deliver superior customer service. With no manual processes in place, bMobile order management helps in containing costs and generate revenue consistently.

Execute a flawless fulfillment and build customer loyalty right from day one. Give your customers real-time visibility into their orders and fulfillment to guarantee a frictionless customer experience.