5 Reasons to Consider Route Accounting Software
for Water and Beverages Distribution

5 Reasons to Consider Route Accounting Software for Water and Beverages Distribution

Posted on: June 7, 2021 Posted by: Admin

Companies within the food and beverage distribution industry face stiff competition. These companies strive to earn the edge by adopting innovative ways. The first challenge they face is controlling costs. With the spike in fuel prices, it has become important to cut costs on other expenses. Furthermore, the price of raw materials has steadily increased along with retailers pulling down the pressure on margins.

To add on, the food and beverages industry involves the manufacture and distribution of perishable products. These products necessarily have a limited shelf life. Therefore, it is cardinal that they are efficiently delivered on time. With customers demanding fresh products, accurate inventory management is the key to ensure product availability, eliminating chances of products going out-of-stock, and cutting down on wastage.

Here, food and beverage distributors rely on technology to improve order accuracy and account service time. When you, as a food and beverage distributor, adopt a route accounting software, you obtain sales forecasting capabilities, can slash down operational costs, and open up opportunities to upsell your products.

With this idea, let’s delve deeper into how a beverage distributor software can help you.

1. Broadens Sales Opportunities

When you implement state-of-the-art beverage software, you provide first-hand critical information to your salespersons and delivery staff. This helps them make real-time decisions on the go.

For example, if you are using the bMobile route accounting software, your staff has pricing data corresponding to the available stock units. Also, they are equipped with updated inventory data, sales history, and promotional information.

With all this information, your staff can upsell products and serve customers who want to add-on products. In the instance of a customer wanting to purchase an additional number of products from you, your staff on the field can check for the availability in the inventory, provide the price details, and complete the order spontaneously. Your staff will not need to depend on anybody back in your office to furnish these details. It helps your staff provide quotes, pricing information, order details, and also accept payment in the field.

These capabilities enable you to seize sales opportunities as and when they come your way.

2. Controls Delivery Costs

Optimizing the routes can hugely impact the bottom line of your food and beverage distribution. Your bMobile's accounting software helps you to delve deeper into the costs incurred by particular routes. That is, it helps you to calculate the fuel costs, analyze the service time, the amount to be spent for vehicle maintenance in each route, costs for fuel, and the labor cost for every route.

With this information, you can review the routes along with the expenditure, and decide on the most profitable route to reach a particular customer.

Furthermore, your food distribution software like the one from bMobile also allows the adding and removal of stops throughout the route as and when there is a need.

Moreover, you can also make changes in standing orders by customers in the field. This provides you an accurate picture of the product demand/supply. This information enables you to predict accurate production based on the latest customer orders and also maintain the inventory to control out-of-stocks.

3. Automates Route Settlement

The role of accounting software for food and beverage is not limited to optimizing the route and checking product availability. Instead, route accounting software must allow you to automate the route maintenance process.

The complete process of providing receipts, refunds, maintaining documents, and billing can consume a lot of time. Further, this may also be exposed to delay and errors if handled manually. With bMobile accounting software, all your documentation and daily route activities like returns, deliveries, cash, and receipts are taken charge of/reconciled spontaneously.

4. Reduces Paperwork and Eliminates Chances of Errors

bMobile accounting software slashes down the need to use paper forms. Your staff is easily able to reconcile documents at the end of every shift. With this systematic approach, you get more time to look for new opportunities.

Your accounting software takes improves last mile delivery by taking charge of inventory, orders, and invoices. Moreover, data entry errors are reduced because you don't manually enter any information. Your staff doesn't re-key details and hence their time is saved.

Your customers are also happy because these digital invoices can be signed on a tablet or mobile device directly.

These capabilities ensure accuracy, automates redundant processes, and expedites processes.

5. Offers Enterprise-Wise Visibility and Communication

How is a route accounting software beneficial? Not just field workers but supervisors and administrative staff can also benefit from it.

In the bMobile accounting software, changes or updates made by your staff in the field are reflected in your system. This way, your managers can view changes that have taken place in the route. They can also monitor the progress and performance of the staff. You can compile reports, compare routes, and analyze the profitability of each route, all on a single interface.

You can break through silos and facilitate the seamless flow of communication between the office administration and fieldwork. Changes made in real-time are reflected in the software. Your administrative staff can view these changes and perform updates in routes if required.

Furthermore, data generated in the accounting software can be integrated into other business systems of your organization. This eliminates the need to re-key information thereby saving time and effort.

Most importantly, when all this information is available on a single interface, visibility and transparency across the organization improve resulting in better business outcomes

Parting Words

A route accounting software helps you have a better hold on information thereby enabling you to improve route efficiency and seize sales opportunities. Your software also improves data accuracy and provides better visibility into the performance of each route. Equipped with this information, you can make better stocking decisions, reduce returns, cut costs, and boost the profit of your food and distribution routes.

For more details about our easy-to-use route accounting software, contact us!

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