Increase Sales in the Field with bMobile

Increase Sales in the Field with bMobile

Posted on: April 30, 2020 Posted by: bMobile Route Software

Selling products in the field is the heartbeat of any company delivering products. Whether you are a company with a group of PreSalers, or a group of salespeople selling directly off the truck. The efficiency goal is to give either model’s salespeople the tools they need to succeed with minimal interruption and speed. The more manual work in their way, the less they are selling. This article highlights three areas in which sales can be impeded when creating an order or an invoice.

1. Handwriting or Typing an Email

It sounds antiquated, but companies are still using 3-part forms and hand calculators to write an order/invoice. This efficiency gap is easy to dissect. Simply put - the time it takes to calculate the numbers, coupled with repetitively writing redundant information, leaves too much room for mistakes to happen. Not to mention, the ability to lose the order or not enter it in the system in a timely fashion can prolong the lack of efficiency. Another method we have seen is using a form of electronic entry through email. In theory, this method has a greater appeal and could certainly help with the timing aspect, but there is still the matter of processing the order.

Electronic order entry through a mobile app that is integrated into your business operation eliminates the consequences of remaining in a dated system. Prices are calculated automatically with promotions in place, the use of a guide or scanner can help create the order/invoice quickly without several points of entry, and when processing is complete you collect a signature, print the receipt and send it back to the admin staff for electronic review.

2. Reminder to Sell Things You Have Sold to the Customer Before, Or to Sell Again

To exemplify, let us say a customer wants to try a new item you have not sold to them before, or it is a seasonal item. If you are writing orders manually, this can easily be forgotten on the subsequent visit, or if a new salesperson takes ownership of the account time is wasted by having them review order history or refer back to the office to get information about the account. Alternatively, the customer may have to remind your salesperson of the prior conversation about the new item and frankly, that could reflect poorly on your company.

With a mobile application, this process could be simplified by having a reminder set up in the salesperson’s guide to add items automatically that they have purchased before, as a visual reminder to sell to the customer again. This is helpful for seasoned salespersons and can easily help with offering insight to a new salesperson regarding an account they are not familiar with.

3. Everyone Loves to Sell, but Not to People Who Do Not Pay

Collections for short term credit accounts is key when salespeople are building their customer base but recording information in a timely manner is vital to maintaining the health and viability of the sale. We have seen people selling to accounts for months only to later discover they were not informed by the office regarding the customer’s payments until it is too late.

Offering this information quickly to the salesperson is crucial. When they arrive at the customer’s location for delivery, it will benefit the salesperson to have access to all open invoices, along with the ability to reprint copies for immediate payment. If your company does not have this ability, you are costing yourself both in admin time and sales, and even more in possible write offs.

bMobile Route Software can offer your company solutions to these efficiency gaps and pain points. With features like customer forecasting, mobile invoicing and printing with signature capture, and truck inventory control, our solution helps you bridge these gaps and increase sales quickly. Our solution works untethered in the field, so your sales team will always have full access to the information needed. To see our solution in action, contact us today at (888) 900-5667 or or visit to schedule a demo!

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