Controlling Truck Inventory Using QuickBooks

Controlling Truck Inventory Using QuickBooks

Posted on: March 1, 2019 Posted by: bMobile Route Software

Anyone that has inventory on trucks understands that there are challenges with maintaining a system of accountability and accuracy. A manual process, such as paper or Excel, works for a few items in a single warehouse but is not scalable for a distribution process that involves multiple trucks from multiple warehouses.

It Ain't Easy!

Let’s look at what processes are involved with a standard day for a truck that carries inventory. Truck inventory management requires that you have systems that keep pace with inventory requests, replenishment, warehouse picking, existing inventory on truck, loading, unloading, invoicing and credits. Each one of these processes has an impact on overall inventory control as well as revenue and customer service, especially with stock outs and lost sales. One of the biggest challenges is how to manage this process in real time with a mobile device while the processes are in action.

Integration is Key

There are many simple apps claiming to offer inventory control with a mobile device, but without integration to QuickBooks, the process is not a long-term answer and is not scalable. Viewing a distributor’s inventory and the ability to add or subtract quantities is a new thought for an old school method and is not inventory management. Inventory management requires an understanding of tied up working capital, holding costs, and risk of obsolescence. But most important, it needs to understand your inventory turns, customer demand, historical sell, and profit values.

If you are serious about controlling inventory on trucks, then you will need tools that provide real time information of QuickBooks data and field data where the transactions occur. A distribution company can achieve a competitive edge over others just by understanding customer demand and having effective inventory control.

Who Needs Access to Inventory Information?

Warehouse managers, logistics, sales, delivery, customer service, and accounting departments are all relying on different inventory information on a daily basis. Inventory information needs to be real time, accurate, and usable for all parties that perform any role dependent on inventory data. Manual or non-integrated processes hinder growth and result in too many errors that a company can’t afford.

Thoughts and Solutions

QuickBooks offers an easy-to-use inventory management solution that works great until you have field work where transactions occur outside of your four walls. Once you put inventory on trucks they become “Trucks as Warehouses” where tracking and reporting requires systems designed for this specific process-based need.

Integrated mobile systems utilizing bar code technology and wireless integration to QuickBooks can positively impact the efficiency and accuracy of the data.

bMobile’s completely integrated software is a perfect solution for managing truck inventory through QuickBooks. The DSD Mobile Order Management & Route Accounting Software provides an affordable solution to reduce operating expenses and track your inventory in real time using the latest in mobile computing technology. To learn more and to see if this is the solution for your truck inventory, schedule a demo or give us a call today.

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