A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words and Everyone in
the DSD Delivery Field Has a Camera - Let's Put Them to Use

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words and Everyone in the DSD Delivery Field Has a Camera - Let's Put Them to Use

Posted on: February 22, 2019 Posted by: bMobile Route Software

Today, society takes pictures of everything. With bMobile Route Software, we are taking advantage of this by adding pictures to strategic places in our solution. With the addition of the ability to draw and add notes, this becomes a great set of proof for historical purposes.

The first place to add as many pictures as you would like is at the truck inspection during Start of Day and/or End of Day processes. Using bMobile Route on an Android device, while the driver does his dynamic inspection, they will be able to add pictures to the survey for record keeping. The survey is always accessible on the device for DOT purposes.

The second place to add as many pictures as you would like is while using bMobile Route on an Android device during the creation of a Pre-Sale, Invoice, or Credit. In addition, you have full annotation ability for notes as well as the ability to highlight areas of the pictures that are important. The pictures are accessible using our history function for life or until they are purged. This is a great way to document a delivery for those times a customer may not be present to sign. Those late night foodservice deliveries now have proof of the drop and what and where it was sitting when the delivery was made.

Now this is making good business sense of the camera!

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