5 Ways a Delivery Management Solution Ensures
Food Industry Success During the Pandemic

5 Ways a Delivery Management Solution Ensures Food Industry Success During the Pandemic

Posted on: January 7, 2021 Posted by: Admin

Running a restaurant has always been a challenging one. And, that too, amidst the global pandemic, a restauranteur has to weather a lot of turbulence in operations. Despite that, there is one aspect of the restaurant business that evolved much to everybody's surprise: delivery.

The pandemic seems to have broken (or at the least crippled) major businesses across the world. Despite this, the delivery business has on the age-old adage, “the show must go on.” Because of this, restaurants across the globe have either switched to, or focused all of their energy on, this singular aspect of their business.

In fact, studies suggest that restaurants that have introduced a quick, easy, and efficient delivery experience for consumers have seen a notable increase in profit, reputation, and customer base in just the past few months. Food delivery services worldwide, like GrubHub, Uber Eats, Takeaway.com, Domino’s and Swiggy, have all seen phenomenal success due to the delivery models they use, invoking bigger profits and better reputations for their clients. But, here’s a catch: the middleman controls their performance.

With a sophisticated home delivery management solution like bMobile Route, you gain full control over operations, allowing you to capitalize on this delivery frenzy. This means better brand management and user experiences. Likewise, that means a better bottom line.

With bMobile Route, your restaurant delivery business will become a thing of the future. But, how does it achieve this, you ask?

Here are 5 ways bMobile Route helps grow your restaurant business:

Flexible Customization

With bMobile Route, you can easily customize a solution that best fits your business requirements, allowing you to serve your customers more efficiently. With features like notes and notifications embedded into the solution, you can ensure the customer experience is both spotless and exemplary. Price zones may be adjusted as per your business requirements and sales data. Using your business analytics, you can alter bMobile Route to fit what you need, in any way you need it. This level of flexibility allows you to easily deliver to your customers on all their needs.

Dispatching and Order Entry

With bMobile Route’s in-built order and dispatch module, food ordering for your customers becomes even simpler. Orders can be placed quickly and efficiently, with zero errors. Ergo, you customers will never again have to wait unnecessarily for their orders, and will enjoy on-time deliveries, every time.

Likewise, by streamlining your delivery process, your delivery personnel are now able to juggle multiple deliveries on the same trip. This saves time and effort, not to mention the reduction of unnecessary refunds and cancellations. Also, since the entire system is run in real time, any special requests by your customers can be fed directly to your kitchen staff or your delivery personnel through their respective app interfaces. This positively affects time as well, along with effort and money. Given the transparency in the system, anyone in the supply chain can respond to customer queries in real time.

Online Ordering for Customers

The need of the hour, and in several ways the champion of the restaurant business during the 2020 pandemic, has been online ordering. A customer interface that supports online ordering is so important right now, that several early adopters closed down their brick-and-mortar setups, choosing to invest everything into the online order and delivery model. It comes as no surprise then that online ordering has piqued during this season, though it is quite surprising how several restaurants have opted not migrate to or adopt the online ordering model. With bMobile Route’s online ordering interface, customers are able to easily place orders whenever they’d like, from wherever they are. This customer interface also allows customers to track orders in real time, reducing order frustration and churn.

Driver Options

With the driver module of bMobile Route, you can keep track of delivery fleet and activity. Your delivery personnel can stay in touch with all other employees via the interface, reducing miscommunication or missed orders. Additionally, reduced delivery times become a fixture in your delivery process with bMobile Route. Adding to this, drivers licenses and insurance papers can all be updated and tracked via the application. All of this ensures increased visibility and performance for your delivery fleet.

Manage Customer Information

All customer data is automatically picked up during orders and updated in the database to be used during re-orders or for special promotions. This information is neatly categorized and correlated with products and order behaviour to derive insightful analytics for your food delivery business. This information will also help in closing customer complaints and requests quicky and without hassle. During holiday seasons or special occasions, customer data can be tapped into to run campaigns and promotional content.

Food for Thought

The food and hospitality industry has been thriving for years now, but the last few months have permanently disrupted the industry. It is up to businesses (like yours) to look at how they can alter their business models to suit the changing times. This pandemic has highlighted the importance of a solid, digital footprint, no matter the business.

Get in touch with us to see how bMobile Route can help improve your restaurant’s business through a robust food delivery solution.

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