5 Advantages That Warrant the Use of a
Delivery Tracking Solution During the Pandemic

5 Advantages That Warrant the Use of a Delivery Tracking Solution During the Pandemic

Posted on: January 18, 2021 Posted by: Admin

Delivery Tracking is now an essential part of almost every business across the world. The breakout of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic has flipped the business world irrevocably. One of the major elements that every business has had to adopt is delivery operations. As part of this process, it helps to have a superior delivery software to help with operations. There are already countless stories of how organizations have been able to save a big chunk of time, money, and fuel in their delivery operations using delivery software, even at this turbulent time.

Here are five business advantages that warrant the use of a delivery tracking solution:

Route-optimization and Real-time Tracking

One of the most fundamental elements of a delivery tracking solution is route optimization. Delivery tracking solutions offer real-time tracking of delivery agents, allowing you to manage a flexible work force system. Through route optimization, you can achieve optimized routes for all your deliveries, therefore reducing costs and increasing productivity. Through such optimization, you can save on a lot of time and effort, leading to a more streamlined, agile delivery process. Not accounting for its far-reaching effects, route optimization will also only let you run a tighter ship, allows ventures into bigger seas as well.

The real-time tracking feature allows you to know the status of your field work force in real-time, offering you a bird’s eye view of the entire delivery operations. With this system in place, you would be able to track drivers, work hours, and deliveries, allowing you to optimize usage of your fleet. It also allows for other factors like driver safety, unforeseen calamities, route distress, etc., Optimizing the operating time for each individual field worker will also drive up workforce morale, also feeding to bottom line figures.

Customer Satisfaction

You can achieve increased customer satisfaction through a delivery tracking system. Once the delivery is placed, in most situations, customers are left in the dark, praying for delivery success. They have no visibility of the delivery schedule or process for them to make next plans. With a delivery tracking system, you would be able to offer real-time updates to customers on the status of their packages. This drives a transparent environment for all parties involved, and directly impacts customer experience, positively.

Also, since orders are tracked in real-time, it becomes easy for customers to set up any additional requests or preferences, such as alternate delivery locations, or additional orders. Since you are able to deliver on these requests, all thanks to the delivery tracking solution, customer satisfaction goes up. Customer Experience can reach an all-time high, driving up more sales orders and ultimately, profits.

Branding and Marketing

Branding and Marketing has been around for ages, but it makes sense to invest in cost-effective branding machinery, especially now, in the midst of a global pandemic.

Several retractors argue that spending unnecessary overhead on something like branding will eat into the meagre budgets that most businesses have to fare with during the pandemic.

Any business, at any given time, needs to maintain high standards for their public relations, even if that costs a bit of money. But with a delivery tracking software, you are able to put out both loud, direct messages and an indirect promise. Through the delivery software, you would be able to communicate effectively on discounts, promos, and such to drive business growth. By using a delivery tracking system, you are making a silent promise to your clientele that you are making all necessary arrangements to make sure not one delivery is missed for your customer, come what may.

This, combined with the customer feedback section on the tracking solution, let’s you operate at the highest levels of efficiency.

Analytics and Integrations

Achieving the highest level of operational efficiency needs some insightful data into business performance linked to the last-mile logistics. Since your delivery tracking solution should be able to offer you in depth analytical data on last-mile data, you can optimize on key performance indicators such as time to delivery, customer satisfaction, delayed and cancelled orders.

A good delivery tracking software can also easily integrate with multiple systems for various reasons: 3rd party maps for better mapping, in-vehicle monitoring solutions for safer journeys, and superior analytics tools for better representation and analysis of data.

Seamless services

Through route planning and optimization and real-time tracking elements, you are able to ensure seamless service for all your customers. With such visibility and foresight, advanced team coordination is achieved, therefore eliminating last-minute delivery issues or mishaps. Through these tools you are able to tackle any unforeseen circumstance that may pop up in this tumultuous period for business. It lets you prepare for the unexpected, and deliver on promises beyond expectations.


The delivery business has become something that connects the real world with the digital one. With more and more people moving towards a digital lifestyle and avoiding any sort of physical contact, be it in lieu of the virus or anything else, it is prudent for businesses to understand what tools they need to bridge that last-mile gap between businesses and customers.

Installing a robust delivery tracking solution for your business might be one of the most intelligent business decisions you could make for now and the future. See how bMobile can help you!

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