Solutions During Uncertain TImes

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Solutions During Uncertain TImes

April 23, 2020
bMobile Route Software
The uncertainty in these unprecedented times has forced many businesses to change the way they operate daily. We understand that, as bMobile Route Software’s solution was built to help businesses adapt to changing environments quickly and efficiently. Nevertheless, our customers have understandably expressed concerns in regard to gaining control over redundant entry, truck inventory, customer collections, and reconciliation during this time. This week’s post is intended to help answer those concerns.

Redundant Data Entry

The first topic to address is decreasing redundant entry. Our solution makes it easy to manage the flow of data beginning at the order taking process, all the way through the invoicing process and finally through the accounting system for A/R purposes. In a paper-based system, the margin for error is far greater as variables are undoubtedly more difficult to track. Situations such as not having enough product, having to sell some of the allocated product to another customer, or the customer refusing part of the order can all cause significant strain on record keeping and productivity. With bMobile Route Software, you can quickly collect the order via phone, ecommerce, or device and enter the information into your system one time. Drivers can then see the order information via their device in the field and quickly make any necessary edits to the order and have it synced back to the accounting system for A/R processing, eliminating mathematical errors and customer service challenges. From there, the customer simply electronically signs for the delivery and a receipt with their signature is printed immediately for their records. Additionally, offering your customers the ability to place their own orders and electronically agree to prices and delivery schedules is another great way to maintain point of entry for orders.

Control Over Employees, Productivity, and A/R Balances

In addition to managing orders, our solution also makes it easy to gain greater control over employees, productivity, and A/R balances. Regarding employees, in an ideal world your driver would take the allocated product in the morning, run the route, and record every sale (and credits where applicable) and/or variance that affected the amount of product on the truck. During end of day reconciliation, all transactions would be accounted for and there would be no errors to dispute. However, this ideal world is not reality. bMobile’s solution helps you gain control over potential discrepancies by using the data to create a route balance report for supervisors to review. This quickly highlights variances in inventory and money collected. In regard to A/R balances, we see the new world needing more control and availability of customer balance information. This includes the customer, the office, and the drivers. Payments also need to be easily taken in many different forms – including cash, check, and credit card/ACH. With bMobile, using our e-commerce, it gives access to the customer to review their open invoices and make payments online. For the office, balance information and payments can be seen or entered on the bMobile desktop. For the drivers, information for balances are available on the device. Including historical invoices for reprinting if need be and the ability to take payments and apply them. bMobile Route Software offers solutions to your ever-growing pain points. If you find yourself stuck in the vicious cycle of redundant data entry, or if you would like to have greater control over inventory and employees – contact us today! Let’s discuss how we can help streamline your efficiency and increase profits. (888) 900-5667 or email

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