How bMobile Helps When DSD Companies Use Independent Operators

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How bMobile Helps When DSD Companies Use Independent Operators

February 6, 2019
bMobile Route Software

Do you have independent delivery drivers?

Do you need to be represented professionally through the use of technology with the larger clients your drivers serve?

Do you have the accounting entry and reconciliation work from your independents that chew up countless hours?

bMobile has come up with a solution for both you and the independent - a solution using Android phones and tablets that gives your drivers the most up-to-date information about corporate accounts such as pricing and history while in front of the customer. This includes professional invoices created, printed or emailed on site with customers to assure billing is correct the first time. 

While doing the work once in the field helps administration and customer perception, we also help by sending those transactions in electronically to an office solution that automatically settles the independent out for the day.  Once the final review is done, these transactions are sent to your accounting software such as QuickBooks, Sage, Netsuite, and more. You being settled up with I/O’s and accounting done means more time with your family.

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