How 5G Will Improve Fleet Connectivity

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How 5G Will Improve Fleet Connectivity

April 28, 2021

Thanks to telematics, GPS technology, and the use of electronic logging devices, the trucking industry has continued to boom. More data is being produced than ever before, and the question about what to with all that data has entered the mindsets of businesses across the globe. Businesses ask themselves how they can make this data more valuable, and they search for ways to make it actionable towards continued improvements, innovations, and greater safety protocols.

All in all, these businesses are out to make smarter, more data-driven decisions through insights, and thanks to the power of modern-day smartphones, tablets, GPS systems, and more, these dreams are quickly becoming a reality. Faster connections allow them to better automate and manage their workflows, while innovations in technology (such as 5G networks) allow for newer, more optimized ways to keep their drivers safe, or ultimately change the way that they do business.

In this article, we’ll dive into the exciting ways that 5G could change the face of the fleet industry forever, as well as provide our pick for the ultimate, 5G-compatible fleet management software for your business.

How could 5G networks improve fleet connectivity?

Explaining how 5G networks could improve fleet connectivity is actually quite easy, with the first step being to talk about how cost-savings, greater safety initiatives, and better vehicle connectivity play major roles.

For starters, enhanced 5G technology automatically moves data at a much faster rate (up to 100x faster) than the current 4G standard. Likewise, the latency of most 4G networks is typically about 50ms (millisecond), while 5G networks see that latency shrink down to as low as 1ms. When you consider the amount of hardware being used by or added to fleets on a yearly basis, as well as the computing power and data required to move through that hardware, it becomes easy to understand that every millisecond counts. More data is being moved through more data points, and the frequency at which that data is being collected, if faster, can have a significant, positive impact on overall business insights. In short, fleet managers and fleet business owners get more useful data at up to 100x the speed of what they’re accustomed to.

How could 5G networks reduce costs for my fleet operations?

Every fleet manager knows how time-consuming it can be to manually track fuel consumption across an entire fleet. Unnecessary miles can add up, and off-route stops or redeliveries have to be accounted for. Given that fleet businesses are already working on thin profit margins, the need to monitor fuel usage becomes that much more vital.

For this reason, most fleet management software offers real-time fuel monitoring at a glance. Not only are you able to minimize driver idle time and maximize time effectiveness, but you’re able to clearly see how fuel is being used, trends and anomalies that might affect fuel consumption, and make changes or adjustments on the fly. Thanks to 5G networks, that information could travel faster than ever before, giving fleet managers much more opportunity to make those adjustments before they become a problem.

How could 5G networks improve fleet driver safety?

On the same token, 5G networks could do a lot towards improving overall driver safety within a given fleet. Many fleet managers use fleet management software to gain valuable driver insights on how their drivers behave while on the road. Idle times, fuel usage, and proper delivery rates can be tracked, giving fleet managers the opportunity to coach drivers, re-train them, or overhaul their routes completely should the need arise.

Likewise, the data accumulated through fleet management software often falls into a few standard metrics, and GPS technology, when paired with fleet management software, can highlight some important KPIs as well. Managers and drivers can see their tracked mileage and after-hours mileage at a glance. They can see how often they’re hard breaking vs. hard accelerating, and the technology also highlights excessive speeding and/or seat belt utilization depending on the truck’s hardware.

As more cities adopt newer, faster networks (like the 5G network) to their infrastructure, this type of information can be mapped much more quickly between drivers, their managers, and all interested parties. No matter what, the overall goal remains the same: provide a safe driving experience to all fleet drivers and all vehicles that share the road, while at the same time promoting faster, more efficient fleet mobility.


At the end of the day, it’s clear that when it comes to fleet operations, fleet management, and fleet connectivity, information is power. Likewise, businesses that are able to acquire that information at faster rates put themselves at a distinct advantage. Faster data means faster insights, and faster insights contribute towards faster growth, innovation, and greater efficiency.

As we come into an age where 5G becomes the new standard, ask yourself if your fleet has already begun to adapt to this exciting, rapidly changing landscape. Are you set up with proper fleet management software to handle all aspects of your delivery, route optimization, or eCommerce portals? Are you interested in seeing how your fleet operations could improve through direct integration with 5G?

If you find yourself curious about the possibilities, we encourage you to check out bMobile’s easy-to-use, ERP-certified solution for distributors already familiar with QuickBooks, Sage, Syspro, NetSuite, Microsoft (Dynamics), and other popular ERP systems.

Likewise, bMobile’s customers enjoy all the cost reduction, driver-safety, and route optimization benefits outlined in this article, along with instant prioritization of delivery stops relative to distance, efficiency, and delivery time windows. With clear audits of warehouse-to-truck, truck-to-truck, truck-to-store, and truck-to-warehouse, your business’s end-of-day reports have never been cleaner, more accurate, or more in tune with today’s technology. See what bMobile can do for your fleet with their free demo. 

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