Paper and Printer Sale!

Paper and Printer Sale!

Posted on: April 17, 2020 Posted by: bMobile Route Software

Paper & Printer FLASH SALE

Paper 10% off / Printers $200 off

Available now through the end of May


New larger rolls and premium paper available for Printek 541
166 ft. vs 72 ft!

Original 4" Thermal Paper

10% off total order

Print an invoice for less than $0.03!

Compatible with Zebra, Printek,
O'Neil, and more...

1 -9 cases = $65/cs
10 - 19 cases = $60/cs
20+ = $55/cs

Printek 541 Thermal Paper

10% off total order

Print an invoice for less than $0.03!

Standard weight paper - larger rolls

1 - 9 cases = $150/cs
10 - 19 cases = $140/cs
20+ cases = $130/cs
(166 feet per roll / 50 rolls in a case)

Premium weight paper - larger rolls

Best suited for more adverse

such as warehouse, humidity, or non-climate

controlled conditions.

1 - 9 cases = $160/cs
10 - 19 cases = $150/cs
20+ cases = $140/cs

(166 feet per roll / 50 rolls in a case)

Printer Sale

The FieldPro 541 is more efficient than ever, boasting a longer battery life, quicker performance, larger paper capacity, and a rugged design protecting it from water, dust, falling, and more.

Normally $850 - now on sale for $650! Includes wall charger and 2 year warranty.

  • Comes with either an auto charger or wall charger, making it versatile for any situation
  • Easy-to-read control face
  • Prints a variety of receipts
  • Quick and easy to configure
  • Compatible with Android

Contact our office today at (888) 900-5667 or email us at to place your order

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