History Available On Device

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History Available On Device

July 15, 2020
bMobile Route Software

Controlling and viewing history that comes down to your bMobile Route App on Start of Day. 

Have you ever wanted to see an old invoice for a customer, or product that is trending at a customer?

This is a quick lesson on how to control the settings in order to find this information quickly and easily.

Controlling how much history is defined at the route maintenance level. 

First, you need to set which customers Come down to the device. 

You have three choices: 

  1. No Limit – Brings down all customers 
  2. All Route Customers – Customers that are on that route list
  3. Today’s Route Customers – Only the customers that are scheduled


2nd you can set either the number of Invoices/Presales consecutively back, or the number of days in history back. The system will bring down to the device the larger of the two sets. 

It is good to remember, the more data you bring down, the longer the time frame is for getting data at start of day. 

View data on device is divided into two convenient spots.
1. Show History from the Customer Splash Screen – This allows you to see the full Invoice/Presale. You can view it and then have the choice to Print, Email, or Copy to New Order by clicking on the overflow button.

2. Produce trend and history on Invoice/Presales Screen – access by clicking overflow button and selecting “Sales History” and “Show/Hide History’. This will take over the footer section of the screen. While in the qty field of an item it will show you the qty and price history for as long back as you have it. Shows you the qty sold and returned along with the price on that date. Remember you can scroll to the right. Also, if you want to focus in on a specific day of the week, you can simply click on “By Date” for a filter.

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