Operational Planning

  • Set milestones for drivers and automate them to promptly manage the lifecycle of orders and shipments.
  • Identify an optimal route plan for all shipments.
  • Explore the best multi-stop route for deliveries and pick-ups that gives savings on time and fuel.
  • Automated fleet and consignment tracking.

Optimized Fleet Management

  • Provide detailed information about orders and the customers they serve in the feature-rich driver app.
  • Automatically route shipments to drivers based on availability or top-up a delivery to their existing schedule.
  • Gain insights on how the fleet is utilized and what percent of drivers are actively engaged.
  • Track delivery trucks through GPS in real-time.

Improved Efficiency

  • Optimize the delivery trucks to serve more customers through more stops on the same route.
  • Manage truck schedules to suit the customers' preferred delivery window.
  • Evolve an effective shipping plan after identifying the historical shipping pattern and vehicle utilization.
  • By gaining complete visibility over spending, you ensure spending transparency and policy compliance.

Manage deliveries at reduced freight costs

Handle complex delivery operations by automating truck scheduling and creating multi-stop trips so that small parcels may be shipped optimally.

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