Route Accounting Software

Streamline the delivery operations through well-optmized route plan to save time and dispatch more orders.

bMobile Route Accounting

bMobile's Route Planning Software is a dynamic route planning tool that gives optimized routes paving the way for chaos-free routing. This software empowers delivery teams to find time for more deliveries on each route. Teams can considerably reduce planning time and cost-per-delivery.

An exclusive space is dedicated to drivers where they can see the routes and orders assigned for the day. Dispatchers can create shift schedules for drivers, assign routes, and add more stops to the route. Fleet managers can closely monitor the drive time and minimize truck expenses.

bMobile Route Accounting Features

Well-Optimized Routes

Import the days' orders to create the most efficient routing plan with the best-optimized routes and schedules, considering some criteria like priority, time window, etc.

Route Customers

A single window to identify the number of orders and customers to serve on a given route. Build cost-effective routes and schedules in a matter of seconds!

Manage Routes

Stakeholders can have a 360-degree view of routes—edit, clone, or even deactivate, depending on the need. Users can search for drivers, trucks, and delivery status using the quick search option.

Driver View

Drivers have separate access to the portal. After logging in, they see the orders and routes assigned to them, customer information, invoices, and dues to be collected.

Route in Map

With routes represented on the map, drivers are guided through the economical shortest possible route—reduced travel time, less fuel cost, and more delivery stop per trip

Accounting Integration

Establish seamless integration with any accounting tool to get insights on the inventory's order costs, profit margin, and valuation. Get detailed insights on the holding costs of the inventory.


By optimizing the daily delivery routes after considering several factors like dispatch priorities, availability of trucks, etc., businesses save a lot of time by delivering more orders in a shorter span of time and gradually increase the profit margin.

Manual route planning using google maps or excel sheet is prone to errors. You can't foresee the uncertainties that might come along the way. With bMobile's route planning software, an unique custom-made algorithm throws up optimized routes for dispatchers, taking into account real-time traffic scenarios and making predictions for forthcoming hours

With a comprehensive plan for order dispatchment and cherry-picked routes for drivers to ensure speedy deliveries, the operations team has every other advantage to operate at maximum efficiency and with less confusion.