Warehouse Operations

  • Set up multiple warehouses and manage the flow of stocks between warehouses and from warehouse to store.
  • Have a predefined way to receive inbound logistics. Ensure accuracy in items received and validate whether the data is rightly captured.
  • Identify the closest warehouse to deliver the shipment.
  • Optimize the warehouse space for structured utilization

Warehouse Automation

  • Automatically assign a batch number or serial number to items while transferring them from one warehouse to another to track them easily.
  • A fully automated warehouse control system that gives end-to-end inventory visibility and ensures optimal warehouse functioning.
  • Manage multiple order types and demand fluctuation seamlessly.
  • Integrate the bMobile's warehouse system with other order management systems to beat the challenges of omnichannel fulfillment.


  • Generate reports on the fast-moving items and volume of items shipped out of each warehouse.
  • Read through the standard operational report to identify the space occupied by different items in the warehouse and plan your inward inventory accordingly.
  • Alerts and notifications to stakeholders whenever an item is shipped out of the warehouse.

Capitalize on new opportunities with a flexible multi-warehouse system

bMobile's multi-warehouse system is built on a flexible model, enabling businesses to expand their product line while offering full visibility over everything that is entering and leaving the distribution centers.

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