On-field Data Collection

  • Field sales team can capture every other data they need to capture from leads/customers.
  • Customized data visualization to study the end-of-the-day data.
  • Unutilized and yet-to-be-contacted leads on different routes are identified through map-based visualization.
  • In-app check-in and check-out options for the sales team to record the work time. No paperwork.

Plan the daily routes

  • Sales team can visualize the territories assigned through map-based visualization.
  • Take the hard work of scheduling time manually. Instead, select the contacts you wish to visit and create an optimized route with the preferred number of stops.
  • Spend less time travelling. Double up the prospects you meet on a day-to-day basis.
  • Take notes and record the follow-up actions lined up for a specified date and time.

Real-time Updates

  • Receive instant updates from the field sales team on their activity through automated reporting and advice them accordingly.
  • Track your field sales team through live-location tracking, know customer visit duration, and a lot more through check-in check-out functionality.
  • Managers can send notifications and drop messages to their field sales reps.

Optimize the sales territories for increased performance

Manage your deskless workforce by simplifying their complex work schedules, which means they know which customers to visit and the routes to take.

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