E-Commerce as a solution during COVID-19

E-Commerce as a solution during COVID-19

Posted on: March 30, 2020 Posted by: bMobile Route Software

Is your business ready for change? More importantly, is your system ready for change?

Global Pandemic = Change

Considering recent events, many businesses are changing how they operate. With such an excessive amount of collective uncertainty, thousands of businesses were forced to cease operations until conditions improve. Now more than ever, it’s time to evaluate the inner workings of your business in relation to the current pandemic. For example, was your system ready to support your employees working remotely? Is your customer base diverse? Is your customer base changing rapidly? Do you have a system that can quickly and efficiently adapt to the times?

At bMobile, many of our clients maintain steady productivity due largely to the fact that they serve customers that sell food and beverage items. Unfortunately, some of our clients lacked diversity in their client base and are having to hurriedly search for new markets in order to generate new revenue sources. The greatest impacted are our clients that serve the food service sector.

How can we help you?

We have also spoken with prospects that are thinking out of the box and inquired about their pain points, given the current economic state. We identified a need for a solution that can expand their market space and accommodate new processes quickly. Furthermore, we discovered that several of those we spoke to are either using a legacy system or have not implemented a mobile solution entirely. Consequently, this has led to them feeling that they cannot adapt fast enough to the evolution of times. bMobile has been in the Direct Store Delivery solutions business for over 20 years working with companies just like yours – everyday. This authoritative experience has given us intimate first-hand knowledge about how implementing an efficient mobile solution can help lower costs, increase profits,

and streamline day to day procedures. Think about your current system, are you still creating paper invoices and printing them in an office? If you needed to work remotely, could your current system support every aspect of your operation? Staying complacent in the “status quo” mindset can wreak havoc on your future success by limiting your functionality as a whole. A great system will help you spend less time in the office completing redundant tasks and more time making sales!

Our Solution

We’ve developed a solution that can help your business continue to thrive during this unpredictable climate. With bMobile Route Software, we can help you quickly implement a business-to-business eCommerce platform that features a self-service portal for your customers to place orders, view invoices and make payments. Offering this option to your customers could empower them to buy more product and significantly increase your revenue stream. Although cash is king, credit cards will be used more frequently and are arguably more convenient. Furthermore, with our Google Cloud Platform your data is accessible anywhere and is protected with the best SSL technology available.

bMobile Route Software makes it easy for your business to adapt in an unpredictable environment. Give us a call to further discuss how we can help! See what makes us better than the competition and why we’re the #1 DSD Software Solution.

To quickly summarize:

Systems holding things back include:

  • Paper systems
    o Printing in office
  • Legacy computers
    o No remote access
  • Status quo mindset
    o Change is our friend

In the box ideas include:

  • Business to business e-commerce
    o Self-service portal for new and old customers to put in orders and make payments
  • Credit Card/ACH processing
    o Cash is king, but in these times Credit Cards will be used and convenient
  • Remote access
    o Our Google Cloud Platform is both persistent and offers access from anywhere
  • Route Optimization

Out of the box ideas include:

  • Home Delivery
    o Management of on boarding and allowing a different way to manage orders is crucial
  • Consumer facing E-commerce
    o Ecommerce and the ability for them to self-serve is the key.
  • Consumer order pick up
    o It is like running a route, but at the pickup window with CC/ACH payments on the spot.

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