Maintaining Social Distancing During Deliveries

Maintaining Social Distancing During Deliveries

Posted on: April 6, 2020 Posted by: bMobile Route Software

Making deliveries during the current pandemic can prove to be exceptionally daunting. Maintaining social distancing to ensure the safety of both drivers and customers is crucial to help prevent viral transmission. In this post, we want to share our 5 tips for making safe deliveries.

Let the customer sign, then clean device/screen with disinfectant

A self-explanatory and common-sense practice. If a signature is absolutely required, assure your drivers are taking extra cautionary measures to slow or stop the transmission by supplying them with disinfectant screen/device wipes. Additionally, ask them to not only clean the device/screen post signature, but also pre signature. This will help put your customers at ease and offer confirmation to them that you take their health seriously and are complying with current CDC guidelines.

Take a photo

Lastly, utilizing the photo option from the signature panel will enable your drivers to capture a store stamp on the paper invoice, or allow them to take a photo of whatever is needed to validate the location of delivery. Major courier companies like Amazon utilize this tactic often, when capturing a signature is not an option.

Have the driver sign for the customer

In an effort to safeguard your customers and drivers, while still fulfilling the need for a signature – consider allowing drivers to sign for the customer. The customer will give their acknowledgement of delivery, then give your driver verbal permission to sign for it. This can easily be done while maintaining the current CDC guidelines of keeping 6ft apart from one another.


Our RouteMizer software utilizes Google Maps to track location. This feature can help you capture the latitude and longitude of the delivery during the save of the invoice. This can be especially helpful if there is nobody available for signature, or a customer refuses to sign for delivery to minimize risk of infection.

Waive signature requirements for the interim

If possible, you may consider waiving signature requirements for delivery. Although it can be less than ideal, to ensure you fully minimize transmission risk as much as possible it may benefit your drivers and customers to omit signature upon delivery.

bMobile Route Software cares about your business and your customers and wants to help you continue making deliveries safely. With these options, assuring you are keeping yourself, your drivers, and your customers safe is made easy. If you have any questions about these options, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Additionally, if you have discovered even more ways to make deliveries safer, let us know! We would love to hear how your business is taking part to help flatten the curve and reduce transmission.

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