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Streamline Your Workflow

As a Warehouse team, it is all about keeping your items orderly, so they can be found and accounted for. This will help in speeding up the processes downstream.

Receiving – PO’s are created and available to you for checking product in to the warehouse along with helping the entry of the accounting records get done sooner and more accurately.

Picking – If you are a Pre-Sale company, bMobile pick dashboard gives you the ability to pick one order or multiple orders in bulk. This dashboard gives you all the information needed to help pick in the most efficient pattern, whether that be by customer, by route, by rep, etc.

Physical Count – bMobile offers a quick and easy way to blind count items through a handheld. Items can be scanned with quantities to be compared to qty OH for creations of Adjustments when differences are recognized.

With bMobile, you can do these roles with your desktop, or upgrade and perform these with handhelds in the warehouse to streamline your workflow.