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Pack and Peddle, Pre-Sale delivery or a mix of both, bMobile has you covered. 

Sell more through creating invoices or presales quickly with all the technology and information you need.

Pre-Salers – No more emailing or paper trail to place orders. Have the current customer pricing, including promotions right on your phone or tablet. Make entry quick by using customer product guides to fill in orders or use scanners for quick and validated entry. With full inventory availability for your depot and the customers' delivery schedule, you will be able to give the customer realistic expectations.

Direct Sales Delivery Sales – No more math and pricing concerns. Use the customer product guide to fill products on invoice or to par using a count and fill method. Record credits for items due to different reasons for tracking. Take payments (cash/check/CC) on invoice or use collection data to take payments on account with full historical data at your fingertips. 

All while your product list and pricing is up to date, along with your truck inventory to sell more items and increase sales to current customers or create customers on the fly.