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Route Fleet Optimization

Route optimization software

Looking for a standalone Route Optimization Tool?

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Need Route Optimization included in a fully integrated system? Keep reading!

Use your Money, Fuel, Labor, and Time more Wisely!

  • Increased productivity for drivers
  • Fewer missed deliveries
  • Better time management
  • Decreased fuel costs
  • More sales opportunities
  • Quicker delivery routes
When you have a thin profit margin, every expense must be perfectly optimized to maximize your profits. bMobile Route Optimization software allows you to reduce fuel costs by 10% or more and increases driver productivity. Comprehensive, yet easy to implement, bMobile provides a way to optimize every route every day, leading to increased profits and customer satisfaction. Click here to read about why you should optimize your delivery routes.


Eliminate unnecessary miles, fuel and stops

Reduce vehicle idle time and maximize time-effectiveness

Less Inventory waste and spoilage

Eliminate off-route stops or redeliveries

Minimize driver overtime and wait time

Quicker routes=Happy customers!

Truck routing

Optimize order picking, loading, route management, appointment times, delivery location, and stop orders

Route Planning
Optimization ranging from $5/user/mo. to $20/user/mo. Just choose your scope and frequency needs.

We want to be your choice for integrated Route Optimization and Mobile Order Management solutions, but more importantly, we want to be a partner in your success!

We took the needs of our customers into account when including key features such as:

  • Address verification – receives verified and Latitude and Longitude coordinates, which are then saved in stop information.
  • Latitude and Longitude update – adjusted stop point coordinates can be recorded on the device, i.e.-when navigation to the back of the store may be better.
  • Time Window for delivery – Stop time window information can be factored for optimization, i.e.-receiving dock is open from 6am to noon.
  • Start and End Point – For level 2 users, devices can use current location to define the starting point and use a different address as the end point for the day.
  • Additional Stops - Level 2 users can add new ad-hoc stops during the day and re-optimize, for new customer visits on-demand.

How often do you need to re-order and optimize your stops?

  • If seldom:
    • bMobile route optimization Level 1 allows the administrator to set up the standard routes, and only optimize when things change. This means new stops are entered on a regular, repeating route, and optimization will re-sequence stops based on chosen criteria and show them on a map.
  • If often:
    • bMobile route optimization level 2 fits this scenario. The solution is meant to be run once, when the representatives are ready to walk out the door for the day, or in the field as things change throughout the day. The delivery or visit schedule changes day to day. Whether receiving off-route calls, or starting or ending in a different place, the system allows you to manage and re-optimize on the device along the way.
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