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bMobile Can Integrate With Your Office

Office personnel may see the most benefit from bMobile.

With tight integration with QuickBooks, Sage, Netsuite, SysPro, Microsoft and Custom Solutions, bMobile makes it possible to manage data easily and entered one time correctly, which cuts time off of customer service, receiving payments, and managing large datasets without adding staff members.

Route settlement adds the accountability to the data being created in the field. Accountability for inventory, and cash/checks being taken by field-based activity. With this review you are assured data is being entered correctly before sending the ERP for final Booking.

A/R can be helped the bMobile’s ability to use parent child relationships. This makes it easy to receive a payment from the parent and spread between invoices and credits from multiple children accounts.

Statements are a breeze with bMobile. Statements can be emailed with detail records behind it with signatures and timestamps.

EDI is becoming more essential if you are servicing Walmart, Target, Kroger, etc. bMobile has more than 20 certified EDI trading partners.