Available Addins

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Available Addins

bMobile route manager hosts a wide variety of addins to accommodate most any business needs.

Primary Modules

For the direct store delivery supplier, you need your products to be in front of your customers. Empty store shelves can mean lost sales and poor planning, and running out of supplies or inadequate truck stock may cost you both customers and revenue. Demand Forecasting by bMobile helps you avoid these situations by using past and present data to help you plan for the future. You'll have better control of your truck loads, shelf stock, and supply purchases.

Send credits and orders directly to the store's payment system using a cable connected to a device. Dex, or direct exchange, is a more efficient method of receiving inventory, validating price, and accept invoices from multiple vendors. This paperless system makes the direct store delivery process quick and easy for both the retailer and the supplier. Dex is a requirement for Kroger stores, including Fred Meyer, Krogers, Smiths, Fry, and Payless.

Send credits and order directly to the store’s payment system by connecting with a distributor’s device. bMobile's electronic data interface (or EDI) helps simplify this transfer of documents, making the process easier and more efficient.

Pick, pack, and ship for each customer, route, or truck, and verify that you have picked the correct items and quantities for each day. Warehouse management has never been easier. Works with both scanning devices and manual lookup.

bMobile's Scan Based Trading (SBT) module that alters the software so that the distributor owns the inventory item until the retailer sells it, meaning that the distributor won't get paid until the point of sale. Scan based trading has been proven to increase sales and decrease costs for both the retailer and the final customer.

bMobile's Consignment add-on provides distributors with the ability to track consignment inventory. This add-on quickly takes a location's stock and then calculates sales, provides a consigned inventory report for the distributor, and can drop new products as well as restock old products.

RouteMizer is the remedy to the time and effort needed to optimize a route by hand. Whether you have one or 15 drivers, and 25 or 100 stops, RouteMizer will instantly optimize a cost-efficient and fast route for you with its algorithm. All you need to do is provide the customer invoice order and address information, which can be pulled from QuickBooks for an even faster process, and it’ll do the rest. The add-on will also provide directions and cost information immediately after optimization.

DEX Brands

Other Modules

Does not require any accounting program to interface with. A fast & easy-to-apply payment process was developed that allows processing a single payment across multiple companies.

Receive sales data from any Barcel distributor.

Keep sales contracts and relate actual sales to sales contracts.

This module was first developed for First Aid businesses. Track multiple kits that belong to a single customer. Our system tracks what is needed for each kit and rolls all kits into one invoice for that customer.

Keeping track and managing maintenance of company assets is vital. Whether the equipment is a fixed capital asset, leased asset, or an inventoried item, Field Asset Tracking for bMobile Route Software will keep track of your assets so you don't have to.

Many distributors hire independent employees and trucks to deliver their products. bMobile has developed an extremely comprehensive system to help you manage these independent operators, or IO's, without losing control of your customer relationships and contacts. The IO module will simultaneously process credits and sales with IO fees and commissions.

As a vendor's customer, you will have to receive inventory for your warehouse. But nobody's perfect, and your vendor may accidently give you the wrong products. bMobile's inventory manager was designed to eliminate these worries, and helps you ensure that you received the exact item that you ordered, as well as the correct quantity.

Some stores, such as Walmart and Fred Meyer, will pre-issue invoice and credit numbers for the week. bMobile's Invoice Pre-Issue addin allows these invoice and credit numbers to be printed out with that week's sequence. It not only saves time for drivers, but it also prevents the office from having to renumber previously assigned invoices.

bMobile's Kiosk Point of Sale module allows integrated credit card processing and makes the process fast and simple. In fact, all trolley and transit passes from the city of San Francisco Kiosks are sold through bMobile tablets.

Process payment on the desktop using a PCI compliant credit card processing module.

View your gain or loss of inventory with the physical inventory module. You can scan or look up the item, and enter the quantity on the shelf. This module will process a report and a transaction providing the differences in quantity compared to the existing warehouse inventory on the books.

Production planning by bMobile looks at the forecasted demand for each day and provides daily production needs for each product. Remove the guesswork, cut the waste, and increase profit with bMobile.

Imagine how much product is lost every day due to verbal warehouse pickups. Now, you can use a device to control and track warehouse pickups, helping optimize your expenses.

EDI Brands