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Success Stories

When it comes to DSD Order & Route Management, our customers have some incredible Success Stories!

"The Staff at bMobile was incredibly patient and informative when helping us to get this system set in place. It was a flawless system almost immediately. A big thank you to the bMobile Team!!"

The Old Mecklenberg Brewery, LLC

"Since we have implemented this software, each of our 8 drivers/sales representatives have saved at least 2 hours per day on the road...Along with saving significant time on the road, it has also decreased at least 10 hours per week of office work...Mobile product guide and pre-sale option has effectively maximized our product sales at each store on the route."

Lemate Distribution

"I saw how inefficient we were in the billing department, and how difficult it was for the drivers to remember the different prices for each is now impossible for my drivers to charge a wrong price and I no longer have to enter invoices into the computer."

Glacier Ice San Francisco

"I used to spend 5 days running rental to bill my customers for rental equipment, and now I can run it at the click of a button...This has greatly reduced the chance of human error and in turn, has increased our revenues because I am no longer making mistakes!"

It's A Gas, Upland CA

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