Rugged Devices

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bMobile provides a series of rugged devices that are designed with durability in mind. Contact Us for current pricing and quantity discounts.

TC51 Touch Computer

The TC51 is easy to use and versatile for almost any situation. Along with being able to keep your data secure and productivity high, the TC51 can provide the best of Zebra's features for years.

CipherLab RS31

The CipherLab RS31 features next generation processing power and productivity-increasing applications and accessories. It runs on Android's 6.0 operating system, allowing it to capture data in 1D/2D barcodes and RFID and deploy NFC applications. Weighing at 260 grams and protected with 1.2m drop resistance, this device is reliable and easy to carry.

CipherLab RS50

Convenient, flexible, and durable, the RS50 by CipherLab is essential in the industry. The RS50 combines data collection of many types with Google applications to increase productivity anywhere you go. Built-in Wi-Fi and LTE connections are also included for constant connection.