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DSD Order Management: Don’t mistake ACTIVITY for PRODUCTIVITY…

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Your DSD business may be more profitable when the phones are NOT ringing!
If you are scratching your head at this statement, allow me to explain...

The traditional (and inefficient) way of doing Wholesale B2B business was to acquire customers through advertising, cold calling, trade shows, networking, etc.  Once these customers are engaged, they would call the wholesaler and place an order for a route stop or delivery when needed.  Thus, when the phones were ringing, it meant that business was good.  A ringing phone meant that office employees and salespeople were being productive and confirming orders, providing service, or selling new product lines.

Things have changed.  For better or worse, society, business, friendships, and information flows have all moved online.  Offices and storefronts have become digital.  Business happens 24/7/365, without needing a person to manually process it.  Through the use of online chats, FAQ’s, and direct online order management, customers can manage their own accounts.

When the orders are rolling in from an online B2B Ecommerce Order Management system, no phones will be ringing, and fewer office personnel are needed to handle the processing.  If set up correctly, the DSD sales are processed automatically, and the only ones that require attention are the occasional special order, or processing issue.  Otherwise, orders feed directly into the warehouse management and delivery system.

Customers will have their own order management portal where they can log in and manage their orders anytime, from anywhere, without assistance.  They set their own default ordering levels, check their order history, place special orders, adjust delivery dates, and much more, without ever requiring the attention of the wholesaler’s office staff.

To this end, businesses must consider their use of online tools as an important investment in their future.  A B2B Ecommerce storefront can improve profit margins and decrease processing costs per order by up to 90%.  Any Wholesale business should already be planning or implementing an online strategy.

The sweet sound of silence will mean that office labor costs are lower, things are going more smoothly, and profits are flowing in online.  Less attention is required by customers, and more time can be spent planning and pursuing business strategies for the next level of revenue.

bMobile Route Software provides Ecommerce, Order Management, and Route Delivery software that will automate the entire DSD Order Management process from order to door.

-By Troy Kesner: Marketing and Customer Retention Lead, bMobile Route Software

Troy has over 10 years of experience in Software, Transportation Management, Project Management, Marketing, and Business Process Improvement.


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