Holiday Delivery Scheduling with bMobile Route Software

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Holiday Delivery Scheduling with bMobile Route Software

September 1, 2020
bMobile Route Software

Labor Day kicks off the holiday season in the direct store delivery (DSD) world. It begins the tedious, often headache inducing process of rescheduling deliveries. Businesses may be closing early or closing entirely for a day of observance. How do you rearrange your delivery schedule to ensure each business receives their order in a timely manner? bMobile Route Software can make this painstaking process easier for you and your drivers. In today’s post we’ll offer some tips and insight into our solution and how it can solve this pain point.

Communicate with your customer base

This point cannot be stressed enough. Communicate with your customers as to how you plan on managing your route schedule to ensure they receive their delivery. There may be obstacles to work out such as delivery time windows and business closures. To make this easier for both you and your customer, our solution includes an option to email copies of presales and other transactions to the customer. Notes can also be added to these transactions to let them know of the changes. This can easily save you the hassle of having to pick up the phone and place a direct call to each business. Customers can either simply reply to your email or call you to discuss further.

Our solution offers flexibility

  • Manually rearrange the route at a desktop level

There is an option to make changes via a desktop. With our easy to use management tool, someone at the office can make changes to the driver’s routes, whether that is moving stops from route to another or even adjusting all delivery days to another day.  In addition, new presales can be added from the desktop while the route is in progress and with the benefit of a data plan on the device, those presales can be seen real time by the driver.

  • Allow the driver to make the changes

In addition to the desktop option, perhaps an easier option is to allow the driver to make the changes themselves while they’re making deliveries. You can request your driver speak to the customer directly about rearranging the delivery schedule and they can make the changes immediately. This can save your office time and can help prevent any miscommunication regarding delivery schedule between your customer, your driver, and your office.

The holiday season is a busy and exciting time in the DSD sector. Unfortunately, with excitement, added stress often follows. Let us show you how our solution can make this part of the year easier on you by contacting us today to schedule your FREE demo. See what makes us the obvious choice as your DSD solution!

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