First Aid and Safety Supply Delivery - Made Easier With bMobile

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First Aid and Safety Supply Delivery - Made Easier With bMobile

May 15, 2019
bMobile Route Software

With the need for first aid kits and safety products in offices and other workplaces, the demand to deliver these products is increasing. While doing so, you need to keep track of each item as well as pricing and invoices. bMobile offers a solution that reduces the complexity of this process to complete your stops faster.

With bMobile Route Software, you can utilize Kits to manage your customers and supplies. Using a device, you can track the location of each Kit (by customer, for example) and know which items are stocked and which items need to be delivered. You can also manage pricing by customer and product. When it is time to collect a payment, methods such as cash, check, and credit card are all acceptable. From there, you can electronically collect a signature and even print or email invoices with the grand total at the bottom straight to your customers. Due to being handled digitally, these transactions reduce paperwork and processing time.

bMobile Route Software also has the ability to keep track of truck inventory in real-time. With this feature, you have the ability to sell leftover inventory and turn it into revenue. In addition, by keeping transactions and inventory on a device, you can minimize downtime between each route stop and focus more on sales.

Streamlining the route delivery process can be achieved with bMobile Route Software. Being able to track inventory and collect payments from a device can help propel your business by increasing productivity and reducing downtime. This is no exception with the first aid and safety supply industry, which greatly benefits from these features.

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