COVID, Holiday 2020, & Forecasting

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COVID, Holiday 2020, & Forecasting

November 16, 2020
bMobile Route Software

As the world fully enters the second wave of COVID, many businesses are looking at the lessons learned from early in the pandemic. Consumer confidence in the supply chain was shaken and people began panic buying on items that they assumed would be the most important things to have, like toilet paper and baking supplies. In reality, the supply chain was not broken by this, but it did lead to longer leads times of product availability in many sectors. One of the keys to this problem is that the panic occurred quickly and was hard to predict.

However, as the holiday season approaches, and coupled with COVID, there is more predictability in product need. Distributors can assume that the usual uplift in demand for the holidays will remain strong while a certain percentage of that will also be attributed to the continuing environment of work from home.

So how can you ‘predict’ the need and adjust your numbers in the system to account for this? What tools can you use to help speed up ordering into your system while having fewer sales reps in the field and in stores? What tools can your people use to see those trends in sales over the last 30, 60, or 90 days or more?


Contact your bMobile sales rep today to discuss these options and learn how to stay afloat in these changing times with the tools in your bMobile RouteManager system!

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