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Prepaid & Gift Card Distribution Management

Tags: Mobile, Order, Management, Distribution, Sales, Delivery, Route, Software

Card distributors and consignment sales firms have a rare and complex mix of distribution & inventory challenges far beyond the capabilities of other route accounting and DSD route sales software systems.

The four-tiered distribution model of Prepaid & Gift cards sales relies on multi-location inventory tracking, tracking inventory lot numbers, serial numbers and lot values.

This left card distributors with paper forms and subpar software applications

...Until now.

bMobile Route Software has developed a special application 
to address all these specific needs and more

  • Sales analysis data allows management unrivaled business intelligence for distribution strategy and cost containment.

  • Remote order entry speeds up sales information and commission payments.

  • Mobile order processing allows for tendering payment and provides current account information.

  • All the tools needed for the dynamic and exploding prepaid & gift card distribution industry.

  • bMobile Route Software and the benefits for consignment sales distribution and prepaid phone card sales.

Learn More About our benefits for Prepaid & Gift Card Distribution from bMobile Software


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