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Release Notes

  • Release notes for February 2, 2014

    New Features


    Support for Edible Software has been added (279)

    New option that allows for the preview of Invoices/Credit/Payments when using the send to Quick Books feature (326)

    The PDF … more

  • Release notes for January 18, 2014

    New Features


    The same presale can now be made for multiple customers at once (744)

    To access this feature select Order Management, Presales/Preload, Generate Presales from bulk entry. … more

  • Release notes for January 1, 2014

    New Features


    Improved speed and ram usage

    Kroger EDI now supports new UK segment (816)

    Bug Fixes


    Blank fields no longer default to first item in a list (751)

    Android … more

  • Release notes for December 20, 2013

    New Features


    Full support for International date compliance for selecting date ranges. Please note that there are some reports that will print the date as the USA standard MM/DD/YYYY (669) … more

  • Release notes for November 27, 2013

    New Features


    Dates can now be searched and filtered in all circumstances (568)

    SBT pricing is now suppressed correctly in all circumstances (572)

    New option added for Navision to only … more

  • Release notes for November 15, 2013

    New Features


    IO owned customer are no longer set to Inactive on Quickbooks import (269)

    EDI for Walmart has been added (467)

    Using Quickbooks 2013 or later, ship to for Customers are … more

  • Release notes for October 25, 2013

    New Features


    New ‘Statement Last Ran’ field for Customer Report when using the A/R addin (383)

    Added ability to export the Customer Report with or without the related invoices as a PDF. … more

  • Release notes for October 11, 2013

    New Features


    New list controls have been added. Ask for the New Grid help.pdf (429)

    Time required for start of day for all devices has been reduced drastically (365)

    New Vendor Billback … more

  • August 23, 2013

    New Features


    Multipack wholesale prices now populate correctly(AXO 233)

    Tax Code groups that have a missing Tax Code in bMobile no longer cause a crash(AXO 235)

    Global Product Guide … more

  • Release notes for August 2, 2013


    Route can now be chosen as a filter for the Customer Inactivity Report(AXO 41)

    Prospect status is now a choice for customer(AXO 142)

    Headers now follow company options regardless of … more


Blog Posts

  • RouteMizer Is Now Available on apps.com!

    RouteMizer has been certified and ready for apps.com! It has been recognized and certified by QuickBooks and is now available on the website as a route optimization solution.

    RouteMizer can be … more

  • Introducing the bMobile Route Training Center

    Introducing the bMobile Route Training Center

    bMobile is proud to introduce the bMobile Route Training Center website! This website is designed for those who are in need of information about the … more