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Release Notes for TBD


Bugfix: On truck quantities not displaying correctly

Bugfix: Printing with Zebra products getting inconsistent results. Stops printing, prints garbage, and sporadically prints fine

New: Add ability to trigger web service email from Android History screen

New: Add Deliver date to presale to deliver section

New: Start of day message change

New: Inventory PO recieving

New: Presale Recalculation on Device

New: Split Androud EoD to EoD Count screen

New: Split Android EoD unload screen


Update: Grid update

New: Finished hooking in fields on order entry


Bugfix: Detail total not coming over to End of Day on invoices

Bugfix: Import from Netsuite is failing on Customers and Inventory

Bugfix: When running Denali Manager sig capture and OE the wrong workstations are prompted for signature

Bugfix: The PO# is not transferring from bMobile invoice to Denali invoice

New: Import IN stock from spreadsheet - and manipulate in bMobile DM

New: QB - Invoice history import


Bugfix: Email confirmation has a misspelled word

Bugfix: Modified order where new items are added losses pricing on existing

New: Home Delivery existing user registration


New: Allow RouteMizer to be disconnected from Apps.com


New: add QTY box to Add Items screen

QB Remote: 

New: Create EDI for all partners in remote application

New: Export presales to QB

New: Sales order to presale import


New: Import customer email for external webservice


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