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Release Notes for January 5, 2018

New Features


  1. The Vendor Order Exceptions windows have new columns to show current lead times when picking multiple items and with Forecasting installed the Forecast Lead columns.
  2. We no longer limit the Vendor Order lead times to 7 days.
  3. The QuickBooks Import will now import Additional User Fields from QuickBooks as long as it has the same name in bMobile before we would only import 2 we are no longer limited.


  1. The Products screen no longer requires the Order Qty column if it is disabled via the desktop then the Invoicing function from this screen is also disabled.
  2. We have added a new Warehouse Qty feature to the android that with a Data connection the Driver can update the warehouse qty column to see what is currently available from the warehouse. This feature shows up on the Order screen, Products screen and the Add Items screen.
  3. The Warehouse Management App Picking screens now use the substitution rules set up on the desktop.
  4. We have added the new Sugar tax feature to the Android for creating new orders.

Bug Fixes


  1. The Preloads created on the device will now be tagged with the date and route that it was created on up to 50 characters.

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